Congratulations to the 2017 Bambu Scholarship Winners!

Bambu, a sustainable housewares company, generously supports the OSU Honey Bee Lab research and extension program. They offered scholarships to Apprentices who submitted art or photography depicting the importance of honey bees and pollinators. (Class of 2018: please watch your email for a chance to enter for a 2018 Bambu scholarship.)

Congratulations to Amy Kaiser, Rose Lustbader, Ashley Smith, Christina McKeown, Bryn Darmody, and Kody Osborne!

Enjoy their winning entries!

1. Amy Kaiser, Klamath Falls. Photograph collage of bees while traveling around Oregon.

2. Rose Lustbader, Salem. 

Thanksgiving: Artist's Statement

The goal with my photograph was to use a single photo to bring to mind the many rich blessings we as humans enjoy thanks to the crucial honey bee. I chose to use a traditional Thanksgiving meal to represent the bounty of food we get to enjoy on a regular basis. The honey bee itself can be found in the middle of the photo—the bee is in plain sight, yet it is not easy to see. The honey bee is present in each of our lives in one way or another on a daily basis—the food we eat, the environment we enjoy—though we do not always give it credit or even recognize its presence.


3. Ashley Smith, Alsea.

A short film about bees and our reliance on them for our food production:

apibus nobis prospere


4. Christina McKeown, Bend.

My visual entry is a watercolor painting that I did that represents the importance of the honeybees.  


5. Bryn Darmody, Port Orford.

This drawing encompasses a worker bee and many of the herbs she pollinates in my garden that I am so fortunate to harvest for my herbal remedies. This season in particular I planted a lot of calendual flowers for a medicinal salve that helps reduce irritation to sensitive skin. When I would go to harvest these beautiful flowers, there were almost always an abundance of pollinators, particularly the honey bees I live in relationship with at my property. Watching them collect and disperse pollen from flower to flower was magical and helped me realize how indebted to them I truly am. This image expresses my gratitude to the honey bees.


6. Kody Osborne,  Sunriver.  


Special thanks to Bambu for their generous donation of these scholarships and for their support of beekeeping education.

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