The Journey Beekeeper

Beekeepers being taught the skills they need.The Journey Beekeeper is the second of three successive certification levels in the Oregon Master Beekeeper Program. At this level of the program, the participant builds on the base of knowledge and experience acquired at the Apprentice Beekeeper level. The Journey Beekeeper gains and is able to demonstrate  increasing skill and expertise with honey bees and colony management, expands knowledge and understanding of bees and their stewardship, and provides community service by sharing information about honey bees and beekeeping with the beekeeping community and the general public.

The objectives for a person working toward certification at the Journey Beekeeper level reflect traditional work at the journey level, including experience and time spent in classroom and field settings, ability to work independently, broad knowledge of and work in the various areas involved in beekeeping, and time spent sharing knowledge and understanding with others.

The training and experience provided at the Journey Beekeeper level are designed to provide the participant with

  • Increased knowledge of honey bee biology and practical beekeeping.
  • The ability to manage a honey bee colony successfully over an extended period of time
  • Knowledge of and ability to use various resources to keep up to date, gain information, and solve problems
  • The ability to describe the pros and cons of a variety of conventional and alternative colony management practices
  • Exposure to a wide range of Education Topics  
  • Knowledge of contemporary issues regarding honey bees and beekeeping
  • Opportunities to share beekeeping knowledge and skills through service to beekeepers and the public

Students participating in the Oregon Master Beekeeper program are required to have access to a computer, tablet or other means to send/receive email and to access the internet. Access to email and the web are essential for students in the program.

Email provides an efficient means to communicate with the many students in all levels of the program.  Each student account requires an email address as part of the set up. Internet access allows students to access resources, exams, class videos, progress reports, etc.  The ability to download and later upload program materials is also dependent upon web access. 

If you do not have access to a computer or other means of communicating electronically, please let us know.