New On Line Reporting System

A new reporting and record keeping system has been developed to store your Master Beekeeper Program progress reports, including Education Points and Field Experience Points for Apprentices and Public Service Points and Guided Study Progress for Journeys. All existing records have been migrated to the new database including exam results, too.

The new system will allow program administrators a much greater ability to run reports of various kinds from the data collected. It will allow Master Beekeeper Apprentices and Journeys the same ability.

The username and password you have been using for this site ( will work at the new reporting site, ( and from now on you will go there and log in to report your progress. Much of the content on this site which used to be restricted (i.e., documentation, application forms) is now available to the public to view. Only Apprentice Level Training Videos and Guided Study Downloads still require user authentication.

Any records of your progress which you have submitted at this site have been moved to the new reporting site and it's database. If you see that some of your records did not make the migration, contact us and we'll sort that out. There is a special contact form at the new site for this purpose and for any other issues you might have with the new site.

Go to the new reporting site